Biorecharge Therapy


Recharge your energy and rebalance your mind, soul & body!



A unique therapy designed to help you optimize your health, boost your energy levels and promote athletic performance using the advanced BioCharger NG technology. This cutting-edge subtle energy technology represents 80 years of documented research by internationally acclaimed scientists and early energy healing pioneers such as Nikola Tesla. The result is a precisely controlled energy field that wirelessly delivers the energy to help you revitalize and restore cellular balance.


Experience the many benefits our unique
Bio-recharging therapy has to offer!

Recharges energy levels

Promote feelings of calmness

Soothe physical and emotional pain

Boost your mood

Helps nutrient uptake

Helps with natural rejuvenation processes

Reduces inflammation

Enhances clear thinking

Promotes feelings of calmness

Mind & body alignment

Helps recover from muscle fatigue

Alleviates symptoms of depression and fear

Relieves stress & anxiety

Promotes conscious awareness

Encourages connection with the inner self

Improves immune system

Promotes better rest during sleep

Prevents illness

Boosts concentration

Relaxes mind & body

Promotes better performance

Provides a space for inner exploration and meditation

Induces a sense of well-being and self-confidence

Prevents Illnesses



The BioCharger NG technology used in our unique bio-recharging therapy, is a health optimization platform designed to transmit energy and generate bio-photonic light via plasma gas spectrum tubes. This will stimulate and invigorate the body entirely to improve potential health, wellness, and athletic performance. Meaning, its revitalization platform will help align your mind & body on a cellular level and deliver healthy energy waves into your system, as it combines outside energy sources that replicate, optimize, and amplify nature’s energies to help you restore strength, stamina, coordination, and mental clarity.



An amazing energy treatment! Bio-Recharge Therapy is scientifically designed to conduct energy wireless transmissions into the body and help you get the serenity & energy you long for, by stimulating, balancing and aligning your inner structure. Remember, the human body has the natural ability to receive subtle energies and use them to recharge in the healthiest way possible! The BioCharger NG is the first energy platform of its kind to incorporate four different types of beneficial energies into one platform – Light, Voltage, Frequencies & Harmonics, and Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields (PEMFs) – to help you positively impact your overall health vitality on a daily basis.


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We were determined to develop a method that would allow us to achieve our greatest mission: to promote groundbreaking results from unconventional and undiscovered assets. And that is exactly what we did!






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Relax your mind & body while your system gets fully recharged using our hybrid subtle-energy revitalization platform, and let go of the situation, issue, or challenge you may be going through!

Frequent Asked Questions

What kind of technology is used during the Bio-recharge Therapy?
We use the BioCharger NG technology, which is a health optimization platform designed to transmit energy and help to stimulate and invigorate the body entirely to optimize and improve potential health, wellness, and athletic performance. The BioCharger NG is completely non-invasive, and has proven to restore strength, stamina, coordination, and mental clarity to help optimize and improve potential health, wellness, and athletic performance.
How does the technology used during the Bio-recharge Therapy work?
The BioCharger NG brings forth a convergence of legacy and cutting edge technologies. It utilizes four different energy types: Light, Voltage, Frequencies & Harmonics, and Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields (PEMFs). These healing waves are delivered to help you upgrade your serenity and energy levels.
What do electrical currents and magnetic fields have to do with health?
The nervous system regulates all muscular movements via neurons, which convey signal information from one location to another as electrical impulses. The transmission of nerve impulses generates electrical signals – and all electrical fields have associated magnetic fields perpendicular to them. Therefore, the nervous system is a primary energy system and the source of bio-magnetic fields within and around the body. If the nervous system is disturbed, or the transmission of electrical signals is impaired, biological function, muscular movement and physical coordination are impeded, and peak health, as well as athletic performance, can be directly impacted.
How is the BioCharger different from a red light device?
The BioCharger NG is truly full spectrum. Unlike traditional red light therapy that generates a handful of wavelengths at infrared, far-infrared, and near-infrared at high intensity, the BioCharger NG generates thousands of different wavelengths in the infrared, far-infrared, and near-infrared and visible light, mimicking nature. The BioCharger NG can also produce variable frequencies and harmonics mimicking cosmic rays that are vital for life. The BioCharger NG also produces an electric and magnetic field that helps with healthy cellular function by making the cell membrane more permeable to absorb nutrients and detoxify.
How can electrical and magnetic currents improve health and enhance recovery?
Every cell in the body has a measurable difference in electrical voltage across the outer cell membrane. This voltage is called the trans-membrane potential and it powers proper cell function, regulating the intake of nutrients and elimination of wastes from the cell. As stated in the BioCharger NG literature, Nobel prize winner Otto Von Warburg confirmed that normal, healthy cells have trans-membrane potentials of approximately 70 to 100 millivolts, while fatigued, impaired, and sick cells exhibit progressively lower voltages, which drop to as low as 15 millivolts in cancerous, diseased cells. The BioCharger GN platform generates a rich electromagnetic energy field that bathes the whole body simultaneously, from head to toe – brain matter to bone marrow. This field replicates a full spectrum of natural frequencies that exist in the terrestrial atmosphere all around us, all the time. Each molecule, cell, or organ of the body has a unique electromagnetic frequency and signature, so if a cell or organ is imbalanced, its normal frequency is slightly altered and detuned. By broadcasting a rich EM field that inherently includes each cell’s normal healthy frequencies, the BioCharger re-introduces the optimum energy blueprint and its optimal resonant frequency, stimulating natural correction.
Will I be attached to a machine while the Bio-Recharge Therapy takes place?
The device requires no physical contact and its operation is non-invasive. You simply place yourself in a relaxed position, approximately 3-5 feet from the unit and let the transmitted energy waves pour safely through you. You will not have to attach any wires, pads, electrodes, or other devices.
Will I experience any side effects after Bio-Recharge Therapy?
Under normal recommended use, the platform will typically cause no undesirable side effects. In some cases, there can be a detoxification effect, which is a confirmation that toxins are being released and discharged from the body. If you are healthy you may not have any reaction at all. However, reactions can vary from individual to individual.
Are there any recommendations prior to my Bio-Recharge Therapy?
Other than focusing on relaxing and indulging positive thoughts during and after the Bio-recharging experience, it is recommended that people properly hydrate with potable water. Also, we recommend you check with your doctor before you schedule your Bio-Recharging therapy. Note: Because no controlled tests or studies have been run on these populations, it is recommended that individuals with Cardiac Pacemakers, Metal Implants, or Epilepsy, or Women who are pregnant, or children under the age of twelve years old, do not be exposed to this therapy.